Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Canadian Rockies Ice - So Far

Every ice climbing season in the Rockies is different.  When the temperatures drop below freezing each fall, the amount of water flowing over a waterfall or seeping through the rock can vary.  So ice climbs can be big and fat one year and nonexistent the next.  This year is no exception with the ice climbs on the Stanley Headwall thinner that usual and most of the classic routes in good condition.  A good place to get climbing information is at http://www.gravsports-ice.com/ or http://acmg.ca/mcr.  The photos below show conditions on some of the climbs I've been on this season.

Rob Smith and Jiro Kurihara on the first pitch of the Replicant
Juro Kurihara leading the second pitch of the Replicant
Jiro Kurihara approaching Kidd Falls
Jiro leading the first pitch of Kidd Falls
Sacre Bleu in lean conditions
Raphael Slawinski leading the thin ice on the first pitch of Sacre Bleu. Photo: Gery Unterasinger

Yours truly leading the fatter but steep second pitch of Sacre Bleu. Photo: Gery Unterasinger

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