Saturday, January 28, 2012

Canadian Rockies Ice

Sorry I haven't posted on my blog recently.  I've been busy ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies this winter so I will try play catch up with some photos on some classic routes.

Things started out with an early ascent of Sacre Bleu on Mt Rundle.  You can see it from Highway 1 between Canmore and Banff left of the Trophy Wall.  You want to do this one when the avalanche danger is low as there is a huge snow bowl above it.  You can do it in 2-3 pitches at WI 5 on the last bit.
First Pitch of Sacre Bleu
In the South Ghost River area there are a couple of climbs not too far from where you park.  Wicked Wanda (WI 4+) faces north and Malignant Mushroom (WI 5) on the other side of the valley faces south.  You can easily do them both in a day.

Malignant Mushroom
Another classic is Nemesis (WI 6) on the Mt Stanley Headwall.  It is 3-4 pitches long and is a nice ski in and out.