Saturday, April 2, 2011

Late Season Rockies Ice

The ice climbing season in the Canadian Rockies is coming to a close and soon I will be returning to Seattle from Canmore.  The winter was not the best for ice - lots of very cold temperatures and lots of snow.  When the avalanche danger was high, the usual safe place to go near the Ghost River was very hard to get to because the unusual amount of snow drifted in and blocked the roads.  But in spite of all this we still had some great climbing in March as the pictures will attest!

John Roskelley leading the first pitch of Whiteman Falls
Twisted on the left and Glen Morangie on the right

Jiro leading mixed rock and ice on Glen Morangie

I'm leading the ice pitch on Glen Morangie

Near the top of Glen Morangie

Carter Stritch belaying halfway up Nemesis

Trophy wall - Terminator on the left (not fully formed) - Replicant in Center and Sea of Vapors on Right

John Freeman leading thin ice on the Replicant

Rob Smith leading the Whipper Traverse on Sea of Vapors

Looking down Sea of Vapors