Monday, April 6, 2015

Alpine Mentors Pacific Northwest - Canadian Rockies

Alpine Mentors Pacific Northwest had its second and third sessions in the Canadian Rockies this winter.  The first session was primarily waterfall ice climbing with some mixed routes thrown in and the second session was mostly alpine climbing up at the Columbia Icefields with a few frozen waterfalls thrown in.  Overall the group was able to do routes like; The Sorcerer, Hydrophobia, Professor Falls, Louise Falls, Coire Dubh Integrale, Murchison Falls, My Daddy's a Psycho, Polar Circus, North Face of Athabasca, and the Issac route on Athabasca.

North Face of Athabasca
On the North Face

Alex Ford leading the rock band


Laurel Fan in the finishing ice gully

Laurel Fan descending the summit ridge

On the descent


Laurel Fan beneath the Pencil on Polar Circus

Laurel Fan leading on Polar Circus

Alex Ford leading on Polar Circus

Andy Dahlen leading My Daddy's a Psycho

L to R AlexFord, Laurel Fan, Ryan Cupp, Jim Elzinga, and Andy Dahlen assessing conditions

Laurel Fan leading Issac route on Athabasca
Many thanks to the Mentors who helped out.
  • Seth Timpano
  • Rob Smith
  • Raphael Slawinski
  • Jim Elzinga
  • Robert Rogoz
  • Wayne Wallace


  1. What fun! thanks for the report Steve.

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